cct-premium - Cytokines and Growth Factors

Cell Culture Tested Premium Grade

  • High activity
  • Low endotoxin level
  • Made in Germany
  • Flexible pack sizes
  • Carrier Free or with stabilizer


Why is there cct-premium?

This grade was introduced by Active Bioscience in response to clients whose research is sensitive to the smallest fluctuations in bioactivity. Our cct-Premium will provide exact standards of unit and activity.

The WHO standard benchmarks the bioassay for our cct-permium products, so that the exact activity can be specified in a batch-specific manner. The biological activity of the cct-premium products is very high and the endoxin value is very low, almost always below the detection limit (LAL).

Researchers in cell culture, e.g. primary cells or dendritic cells, that experience a high variance, often use the cct-premium grade. The cct-premium grade is mainly used by media manufacturers, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Active Bioscience regular Cell Culture grade is the more commonly used by most researchers and carry a slightly lower price range.
If you have any further questions we would be happy to offer advise. Please give us a call or send us an email.



The premium cct-products are manufactured in E. coli or insect cells. The identity is checked by N-terminal sequencing and mass spectrometry. In addition we use SDS-Page and Western Blot. Our manufacturing site is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.


Quality Control

The purity is determined using SDS-Page and, if necessary, RP-HPLC. Test vials from each batch are reconstituted in our QC laboratory after lyophilization and carefully checked for protein quantity and activity. We generally store reserve samples.



The bioactivity of our premium range is measured in a suitable bioassay in direct comparison to the WHO standard. The specific activity is then given in IU / mg (IU / mg) in the data sheet. A CoA with batch specific activity values is available. The inconsistency between batches is neglible.



The endotoxin content of our products is consistently very low. Our limit for premium products is a power of 10 lower than for regular products and for many products from competitors. If necessary, an additional step for endotoxin depletion takes place during production.



All products are sterile filtered (0.2Ám) before lyophilization.


Shelf life and Storage

All cct premium proteins are lyophilized and stable for at least two years from the date of dispatch. For quick and cost effective shipping, the stability of the products has been tested and guaranteed for 3-4 weeks at room temperature. We recommend long-term storage at -20°C to -24°C. Storage at -80°C is also possible. You can find information on reconstitution and stability on the lot-specific data sheets.




Payment Methods

Paying by bank transfer


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