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Active Bioscience is a German producer of recombinant proteins, covering cytokines and growth factors for cell cultures, as well as antibodies and enzymes. We offer bespoke services to suit your research needs, including custom production, custom vialing and bioassay service.

Active Biosciences was founded in 2006 by Dr Barbel Icheln after gaining knowledge in the production of recombinant proteins under GMP conditions at Stratmann Biotech GmbH. An opportunity to join PeproTech in 2007 as Managing Director of their German operation provided further experience in strategic management and leadership. After 13 years she decided to leave her position to concentrate entirely on developing Active Bioscience across Europe.

Active Bioscience offers research reagents for Stem Cell, Cancer, Veterinary, Immunology and Organoid studies, and provide extensive technical support.

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cct-premium – Cytokines and Growth Factors


  • High activity
  • Low endotoxin level
  • Made in Germany
  • Flexible pack sizes
  • Carrier Free or with stabilizer

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Our complete product range is conveniently listed in an Excel price file, and will include institutional discounts where applicable. All you need to do to receive your Active Bioscience USB Catalogue is to click on the link and complete the form with your details. Request your USB now and start benefiting from our wide range of quality reagents at competitive prices.

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EzScope 101 is a dedicated live cell imaging system that helps to streamline your research workflow with improved efficiency and productivity, no more hassles to remove cells from incubator for observation.






The A·EL·VIS ELISPOT Scanner – fast, accurate and cost-efficient






Eli·Punch ELISPOT Punching Tool

Eli·Punch is a tool which allows to punch out the well membranes of 96-well Millipore microtiter plates and fix them on an adhesive foil in one step. This foil can then be analysed with our Eli·Scan units. The tool has been designed for Millipore MultiScreen® plate (types MAIP, MAHA, MHAB) as well as for Millipore MultiScreenHTS® plates.
For the Eli·Punch A·EL·VIS specially developed the adhesive foils Eli·Foil. These foils contain glue only at the locations where the well membranes will be sticked. This means no more sticking between the membranes, on the scanner, at your fingers or in your lab journal.

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A new dimension in Automated Video Analysis

The A·EL·VIS ELISPOT Scanner is a cost-efficient solution for labs which have only a limited number of plates to measure and no demand for a high throughput system. Nevertheless it offers the entire functionality of the powerful A·EL·VIS ELISPOT Analysis Software. It has been designed for the exclusive measurement of punched-out well bottoms from Millipore MultiScreen® plates or detached Nunc SilentScreen® membranes and is characterized by a compact design and a high scanning speed.

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The A.EL.VIS EliPunch device




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