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Eli.Analyse Software V6.2 Office

Manufacturer:  A.EL.VIS

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The focus when developing Eli.Analyse was set on user friendliness as well as on productivity and flexibility. Based on the means of image analysis algorithms the software makes powerful strategies of dealing with biologically variable spots available.


The main software features are:

  • Real auto centering (Eli.Expert only)
  • Optional analysis of other spot assays e.g. IFUSPOT Assay, Plaque Assay or Colony Counting in 6/12/24/48 and 96 well format (only V6.0)
  • Spot finding based on edge detection algorithms
  • Automatic background correction
  • Separation of connected spots
  • Calculation of spot size, spot intensity, spot shape and spot color
  • Dual-Color Analysis
  • Identification of overdeveloped areas
  • Re-analysing of stored plates
  • Batch mode i.e. for overnight processing
  • Individual plate maps including replicates
  • Test protocols to store and reload, parameter settings and plate maps
  • User management system with individual access level
  • Full AuditTrail for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Statistical evaluation of replicates
  • Calculation of spot size an intensity distribution
  • Data export to external programs i.e. MS Excel or Graph Pad Prism
  • Integrated file management system
  • English and German online help


All A.EL.VIS instruments are powered by Eli.Analyse. In addition the software package is disposable as a stand alone version for offline analysis. This allows to share an instrument with other users and to continue analysis at your personal office PC.



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