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Eli.Scan+ Universal Scanner, complete system including scanner unit V3.0, personal computer with Windows 10 Professional and 22" TFT Display or optionally Dell Latitude Notebook, Color Inkjet or optionally Laser Printer, Eli.Analyse Software V6.2+, Eng

Manufacturer:  A.EL.VIS

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300.002.000 1 piece 17.250 €



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Our Universal Plate Scanner Eli.Scan+ offers the complete functionality of the Eli.Scan ELISPOT Scanner.
It is able to measure ELISPOT Assays based on detached Nunc® membranes or punched-out well bottoms from Millipore® plates.
In addition it supports the analysis of 6/12/24/48 and 96 well microtiter plates with transparent well bottoms.
This allows the measurement of Plaque Assays as well as other spot assays which can be scanned from the bottom of the plate.
The instrument comes as a complete system including scanner unit, PC with Windows 10 Professional®, Eli.Analysis Software V6.2, TFT Display, Color Inkjet or optionally Laser Printer and two years warranty. Optionally it can be ordered with a Dell Latitude Notebook instead of the office PC.




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