Murine SCF recombinant Protein

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Synonyms: Kitl, Gb, SF, Sl, Clo, Con, Mgf, SCF, SLF, Kitlg, contrasted, mSCF.

Source: E. coli

Purity: ≥ 95 % (SDS-PAGE, silver stained)

Physical state: Lyophilized

Manufacturer:  Active Bioscience

Article No. Size Price  
1885.960.002 2 µg 60 €
1885.960.010 10 µg 145 €
1885.960.050 50 µg 250 €
1885.960.100 100 µg 390 €
1885.960.500 500 µg 1.100 €
1885.960.199 1 mg 1.790 €

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Product Details


Kitl, Gb, SF, Sl, Clo, Con, Mgf, SCF, SLF, Kitlg, contrasted, mSCF.


Description of Murine SCF

Stem cell factor (SCF), also known as ckit ligand (KL), mast cell growth factor (MGF), and steel factor (SLF), is a widely expressed 28-40 kDa type I transmembrane glycoprotein. It promotes the survival, differentiation, and mobilization of multiple cell types including myeloid, erythroid, megakaryocytic, lymphoid, germ cell, and melanocyte progenitors. SCF is a primary growth and activation factor for mast cells and eosinophils. Mature mouse SCF consists of a 189 amino acid (aa) extracellular domain (ECD), a 23 aa transmembrane segment, and a 36 aa cytoplasmic tail. Proteolytic cleavage at two alternate sites in the extracellular juxtamembrane region releases a 25 kDa soluble. An alternately spliced isoform of mouse SCF lacks 28 aa that encompasses the primary proteolytic recognition site. Within the ECD of the short isoform, mouse SCF shares 93% aa sequence identity with rat SCF and 72%-75% with canine, feline, and human SCF. Rat SCF is active on mouse and human cells, but human SCF is only weakly active on mouse cells. Noncovalent dimers of transmembrane or soluble SCF interact with the receptor tyrosine kinase SCF R/ckit to trigger receptor dimerization and signaling.


Biological Activity

The ED50 as determined by the dose-dependent stimulation of the proliferation of the human TF-1 cell line is in the range of 2-10 ng/ml.



Centrifuge vial prior to opening. Mouse SCF should be reconstituted in 50mM acetic acid or water to a concentration of 0.1 mg/ml. This solution can be diluted in water or other buffer solutions or stored at -20 °C.


Lupe Zoom

Amino Acid Sequence



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